Tuesday, June 3, 2014

'America The Great'

She is finally here, all finished, and SOLD !!!

As promised, I am posting pictures of my most recent creation, 'America The Great', of which you had seen some pictures in a very early stage, and on her progress as well ... Well, finally completed her her earlier yesterday evening, and in minutes, she was already SOLD !!! 

I am very happy to introduce to you, the very Patriotic, OOAK Americana Primitive Folk Art Cloth Doll, 'America The Great' ... She is approximately 45" tall, from the Top of her Hat to the Tip of her Shoe, and sits at approximately 24 - 26" ... America was made out of heavy Muslin, stained with a mixture of Tea, Cinnamon and Vanilla ... Her hair is made of Wool Roving, and it has been stitched to her head ... She has a needle-sculpted nose, and stitched eyelids ... Her eyes, mouth, and shoes, were painted with acrylics, pastels, and Primacolor pencils ... America is wearing a vintage print cotton dress, with lots of Red, White and Blue, and puffed sleeves ... She also has Pantaloons made of Muslin with primitive stitches on its hem ... Her Hat is made of Burlap in Patriotic Stars and Stripes ... A big Bow on the back of her skirt, rusty bells, and a coffee stained American Flag, accessorize her entire outfit ... America has been weighted to allow her to sit nicely and on her own ... She can both be hang or sit on a chair !!!

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