Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Getting back to Sketching and Sewing !!!

Hi everyone ... Just wanted to stop by to say hello, send you my love, and to keep you posted as to what I have been up to lately ... Well, hubby and I went away to Macon, Georgia for a weekend getaway ... We had an awesome time ... We really enjoyed our stay there ... Something I am also excited about is that I am finally getting back to sketching and sewing again ... It has been almost a a year that I had not laid my hands on anything since Summer of 2012 !!! I have to confess though, that I am a bit disappointed because my Etsy Shop is still not ready ... Thought it would have been all set up and ready to go by now, but unfortunately that has not been the case ... Hoping to have it up and running by December this year ... Keeping my fingers crossed !!! I sure hope my dolls will continue to steal your heart and put a smile on your face !!! For now, stay positive, love yourself, do good, and make sure to bring the best of you wherever you go !!! Love you all, Jesse @Sew Raggedies and Prims by Jesse B.

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